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Social Learning makes e Learning fun and informative.  We create a collaborative environment so you have access to other students and the instructor (with certain course packages).  .

Our Social Learning platform offers one of the best and cost effective eLearning solutions.  GIGVU is a powerful social learning platform with integrated Gamification.  Track your learning progress with our Test2Confirm™ quiz in each module.

There was no need to re-invent the e-Learning wheel, but we wanted to provide this powerful LMS with great social learning features and know you’ll enjoy it.  Courses with teaming offer the best interaction and accountability to fulfill your professional goals.








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Experienced InfoSec engineer and educator.   Interacting with students is what makes this fun.


Jill Smith

The ability to interact with others makes learning more fun for your members.


Jessica Sanders

The ability to interact with others makes learning more fun for your members.


Timothy Welch

The ability to interact with others makes learning more fun for your members.

“Extremely helpful and friendly support from the team.

I couldn’t be happier with my CISSP course.”



Knowledge Retention with our Test2Confirm™ process.


Our Test2Confirm™ learning process assists learners with retention.  Begin each course with an assessment quiz.  Begin each chapter with a knowledge quiz and finish with a Test2Confirm™ assessment to track your learning & retention.  We also have additional course tests at the end to bring all the concepts together.  In total, we use 8 different question types including single choice, multiple choice, free text, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank and survey.

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This is NOT a boot camp.  You will leave the CISSP Prep Course with the knowledge and domain expertise to successfully pass the CISSP exam the first time (like our instructors).  Taught by experienced and credentialed CISSP professionals who work in the industry. No need to spend $6,000 and request one week off.  Study on […]

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GIGVU's CISSP course is always up-to-date! In addition, our course now includes preparation review for the new CISSP visual exam question format. This new format increases the difficulty of the exam but we'll help you get the experience to do it on the actual exam.

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Introductory information regarding information security and assurance.

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